Client Wins Cancellation, Granted Permanent Residency!


T. Cazares – 6/30/11 – Cancellation of Removal/Deportation – WON! Client granted Permanent Residency!

Our client Mr. Cazares had lived here in the United States for most his life but unfortunately had a few criminal infractions which made it possible for him to be deported. We argued to the judge the equities he had here in the U.S., and did our best to show evidence and testimony of his good character and value to the community. The judge sided with us and granted us the victory and awarded our client by cancelling his deportation. This is a great win that allows our client to avoid being deported to a country which he has not known since he was a baby, which is today a very violent a dangerous place, and more importantly, reunifying him with his family and letting them stay together here in the U.S.

Great work by our attorneys and legal staff to help a man get Permanent Residency!

Cancellation is very tough to win, but it is a huge victory, and we couldn’t be more excited for this family.

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