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  • Dismissed 3rd Degree Felony Possession of Marijuana

    Client was charged of being in possession of a large amount of Marijuana. Client maintained her innocence. The Austin Criminal Defense attorneys at Peek Law Group were able to convince the State that they would not be able to meet their burden of proof at trial and the case was dismissed. Client will now be able to apply for Permanent Residency and avoid deportation. Huge victory for the client to have her felony drug charge dismissed.

  • Dismissed 3rd Degree POCS School Zone, UUMV, and Fail ID

    Client had a tough set of circumstances in that he picked up some new cases while on a Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle probation. State wanted to convict him on the Drug charge and revoke him on the Probation and sentence him to concurrent State Jail sentences. The problem is our client has a US Citizen wife and needed to avoid a drug conviction to be able to have the chance and possibility of getting his residency papers in the future. Drug convictions are basically the death penalty to any immigration case. After a lot of hard work and presenting some really convincing evidence of the character of our client, and what we call a “good guy” packet, that does a good job of personalizing our client to the District Attorney, his family situation, his positive equities and attributes, we were able to get them to dismiss the Drug charge and the Fail to ID. This was a huge victory and will allow our client one day to reunite with his wife and family. A Criminal Defense attorney without an Immigration background and the extensive Immigration Court experience of the attorneys at Peek Law Group would not have fought and pushed for this extraordinary remedy that saved a family.

  • Reduced to a Class a Misdemeanor/Given Probation Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon, First Offer From the D.A. Was 5 Years in Prison

    Client is a Lawful Permanent Resident who had been in the US for over 10 years. His wife and children are all legally here. His conviction on a Felony Assault would have made him deportable and he would have lost his Permanent Residence and been deported. He hired Peek Law Group due to our extensive experience in criminal cases with immigration consequences, and our track record for winning trials and winning amazing results in the courtroom. Sure enough, his patience and trust in us paid off as we delivered a result that will allow him to keep his residency and stay in the U.S. and down the road apply for Citizenship.

  • Hung Jury Aggravated Continuous Sexual Assault of Child

    Case was tried for 4 days in front of a jury and after 9 hours of deliberation, they couldn’t’ reach a unanimous verdict so the Judge declared a hung jury. Huge victory for defense in maintaining clients innocence. Case still pending so further comments must wait.

  • Dismissed Assault

    Our client was charged in an assault case involving a family member. Assault Family Violence accusations are not only ugly due to the stigma of being accused as a spousal abuser or “wife beater” but also due to the consequences of having an Assault Family Violence conviction and family violence finding on your record. It can result in future accusations being felonies and it results in you losing your right to own a firearm. If you are an immigrant it is a deportable offense under Section 237 of the Immigration Nationality Act and you can lose your lawful status (including lose your Permanent Residence Card!) Our client had some tough evidence to overcome, but we prepared for our defense and for picking a great jury and for putting on some compelling and convincing testimony and cross examination. We talked to the prosecutors before picking the Jury and told them we felt we would get a Not Guilty verdict and they listened. The listened and capitulated. The case was dismissed and our client now has a clean record and options for the future. The attorneys at Peek Law Group will pick a jury, we will fight in Jury Trial, and we will win. This experience and reputation very often results in dismissals on the day of trial. Better for a prosecutor to dismiss it than waste 2 or 3 days fighting with the experienced trial attorneys at Peek Law Group only to lose and have a Not Guilty verdict announced!

  • Dismissed Assault Family Violence

    Our client was set for a Jury Trial. He was nervous about setting the case for a Jury Trial not knowing what happened. We encouraged him to stick to his conviction that he was Not Guilty and leave the criminal Defense and trial tactics to the great legal defense team at Peek Law Group . We looked over the very contradictory statements given by the supposed victim, and we were ready to cross examine the witnesses and expose the exaggerations and fabrications in their story. We shared a little of the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case with the prosecutors and upon second thought and reconsideration they agreed with us that our defense very well could result in a Not Guilty verdict and instead offered to dismiss the Assault Family Violence accusation against our client. Great Result, another dismissal for a satisfied Peek Law Group client.

  • Dismissed Assault Family Violence

    This Peek Law Group client was arrested in Williamson County on an Assault Family Violence. Even worse is that ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) put what is called an Immigration Detainer on him so he could not get out of jail on a bail bond, personal bond and the only way would be to get out on a 100 percent cash bond, which would have been very expensive. Furthermore his wife is a United States Citizen who had applied for him and they had a US Citizen daughter. Everything was at risk, client was on deportation’s doorstep. In less than 48 hours we had talked to our contacts inside the Williamson County Attorney’s office and convinced them of the weakness and frivolousness of the charge and had the charges dismissed. Our client can now be released and we can now focus on his immigration defense. A great victory being able to keep our client’s record clean, which further allows him to be eligible to immigrate and be with his family, and we did all of this in less than 2 days’ time. A great achievement even for the great defense attorneys at Peek Law Group ! It was great to break the news to the wife that her husband would be coming home soon and his immigration process was saved!

  • Both Cases Dismissed! Assault Family Violence & Interference with a 911 Call

    There was a family disagreement in which both parties acted inappropriately. Police were called and ended up arresting our client. Our client had no prior criminal record. After some hard work by the Criminal Defense attorneys at Peek Law Group , we were able to withdraw the Protective Order that was originally issued and then with continued advocacy were eventually able to convince the prosecutors to drop the charges all together. The strategy included preparing for a Jury Trial and showing the State that we had witnesses ready to go who would substantially challenge their burden of proof. Client now can get the cases expunged and continue to have a clean record. A great victory achieved on the day of trial!!

  • New Felony Case Dismissed & Continued Probation Assault Family Violence 3rd Degree Felony and a Felony Motion to Revoke Probation

    Client was serving an 8 year probation in which if revoked, he could go to prison for up to 10 years. Client had been falsely accused by his now ex-girlfriend, who was a drug addict and alcoholic, of pushing her on the ground. The truth is the girlfriend came home drunk in the middle of the night after having been involved in a fight in a bar and kicked out. She came home and was filthy, as if she had fallen in the dirt, when she tried to climb in the bed drunk and filthy the client asked her to get of the bed. She was drunk and belligerent so he asked her to leave. She was not on the apartment lease and he was only letting her stay there for a few nights. She got angry that he was making her leave so she called the police and alleged he had assaulted her. Client never wavered in his innocence and the Criminal Defense team at Peek Law Group never wavered in our insistence that the case be thrown out, and it was. Case was dismissed, and client avoids going to jail.

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