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  • Dismissed Theft Case

    Client’s mother brought her to the U.S. as a baby. Client has never left the U.S. and is now an adult with a baby of her own. Client was arrested for petty theft and detained on an ICE hold, which could ultimately result in removal proceedings. Client hired Peek Law Group to represent her for her criminal case and immigration case. Peek Law Group argued that Client’s crime was for a small offense, that she’d never had an prior arrests or convictions and that a theft conviction would likely result in removal proceedings against client, a harsh offense for Client who was eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The prosecution agreed and dismissed the case. Client is now free to pursue legal status via Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals thanks to the help of Peek Law Group .

  • Both Cases Dismissed! Assault Family Violence & Interference with a 911 Call

    There was a family disagreement in which both parties acted inappropriately. Police were called and ended up arresting our client. Our client had no prior criminal record. After some hard work by the Criminal Defense attorneys at Peek Law Group , we were able to withdraw the Protective Order that was originally issued and then with continued advocacy were eventually able to convince the prosecutors to drop the charges all together. The strategy included preparing for a Jury Trial and showing the State that we had witnesses ready to go who would substantially challenge their burden of proof. Client now can get the cases expunged and continue to have a clean record. A great victory achieved on the day of trial!!

  • Dismissed Fail To Identify

    Client was charged with intentionally mis-identifying himself to a police officer, aka Failure to Identify. Client was really hoping to keep his record clean. We worked out a deal for him to have the case dismissed. Now client can apply for an expunction and keep this off his record forever!

  • Reduced & Plead to Backtime/Dismissed Assault Strangulation 3rd Degree, Felony Theft

    Client had a very tough case and prosecutors were trying to drag out case using the fact that a person wanting to fight their case from jail in Williamson County has to wait about a year for a Jury Trial. Client had a great case including a victim saying that she never said he strangled her, and no other witnesses. It was going to be set for trial, and the DA offered to reduce it to a misdemeanor and give client credit for time served. I urged client to fight it but can’t blame a client for wanting to be done with his sentence. Truth is a guilty man will do less time in Williamson County jail if he takes the deal compared to the innocent man who fights his case from jail only to have it dismissed as it nears trial. Great win for client though. The theft case was just proving that our client was not the one who stole the property and merely had access to the stolen property. IT was dismissed as it should have been.

  • Dismissed Possession of Marijuana and Felony MTRP

    Client was pulled over driving his car. A passenger in the car had some Marijuana that they threw into the backseat. Officer tried to pin it on our client. We fought the case and had the charges dismissed. Then we were able to continue client on probation (which he was risking 2-20 years on a revocation!) Client now out of jail and back with his family.

  • Dismissed Theft Shoplifting

    Client was caught with 2 others inside a department store. Our client was deaf and mute and we believe to have been taken advantage of by theses other 2 individuals. We were able to convince the prosecutors that dismissing the charges against our client was in the best interest of justice.

  • Dismissed State Felony and Misdemeanor

    Client was arrested for evading arrest in a vehicle, a state jail felony, and resisting arrest, a misdemeanor. Client has temporary protected status because is he is an immigrant from El Salvador. Peek Law Group attempted to get Client a pretrial diversion program, but was denied when the District Attorney’s office decided that evading arrest cases would not be accepted for a pretrial diversion program. However, our attorneys were able to negotiate a straight dismissal of the felony charge, contingent on the Client entering into a misdemeanor pretrial diversion program. Luckily for our Client, the County Attorney let our client into the misdemeanor pretrial diversion program. Client was extremely fortunate to receive such a favorable decision and even the District Attorney’s office final interviewer commented that she could not believe our Client was in the program.

  • Dismissed DWI

    Client is an undocumented immigrant who was arrested and charged with a DWI in Bastrop. Thanks to Peek Law Group ‘s speedy Jail Release department Client was able to escape an Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold. Additionally, the attorneys at Peek Law Group were able to get Client’s case dismissed with only court costs. Client is now free to immigrate without the fear of a DWI conviction on his record thanks to Peek Law Group .

  • Dismissed Felony Evading Arrest Charge & Misdemeanor Reckless Driving

    Client was arrested for a felony evading arrest charge and a misdemeanor reckless driving charge. Client was on probation prior to the charges for a DWI and was in the final stages of becoming a citizen through our immigration department. Peek Law Group attorneys were able to get both cases dismissed and the misdemeanor reduced to a speeding ticket with a small fine.

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