More Than Paid Lawyers…


This office celebrated a great victory today.

When Mr. Estrada called us to ask for help, we didn’t realize that a simple exchange of information would be able to help him so much.

Mr. Estrada had been told by a Sheriff’s Deputy that they could not do anything about his situation, but that was not the case. And, although our firm would not benefit financially from helping this family, our caring associates took the time to advise them.

The Estrada family saved thousands of dollars, the associates at Peek Law Group prevented a family member from getting deported from the U.S. The value of which could be measured in tens of thousands not to mention the emotional and psychological toll that would place on a family.

Now, we aren’t trying to brag, but we are trying to shamelessly promote the value of information. It is so important that the community be aware of the options they have when faced with difficult situations.

At Peek Law Group, we are celebrating this victory for the Hispanic community that we serve.

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