Deferred Action Event: Mariscos Tampico Restaurant


We had another super successful event at Mariscos Tampico Restaurant! We had over fifty-five people come out to attend the event where we not only handed out packets of valuable information on Deferred Action, but we also raffled prizes, including a Blu-Ray Player, Christopher Nolan’s first two Batman movies, and a $25 gift certificate to the movies!

The event was a lot of fun and a great success. Some of the members of the staff even stayed after the event for delicious seafood at Mariscos Tampico! What a fun place to enjoy karaoke, great seafood and learn about Deferred Action! Thank you again to Martin Farias and all the staff at Mariscos Tampico!

people speaking

Jeff Peek and Diego Nuñez speaking at the Deferred Action Event

A long shot of Mariscos Tampico Restaurant, which has karaoke and excellent seafood!

Jeff Peek and Diego Nuñez taking questions from the audience at the Deferred Action Event

Jeff Peek talking on the Karaoke stage at Mariscos Tampico for the Deferred Action Event

Jessica Dobias, Claudia Tax-Rian, and Mayra Nuñez, Peek and Toland Staff attending the Deferred Action event

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