Mitt Romney Says He Will Not Deport Immigrants Who Are Granted Deferred Action


Today Governor Mitt Romney announced that he will not deport young immigrants who are granted Deferred Action. On June 15, 2012 President Barack Obama announced a new immigrant enforcement policy known as Deferred Action, which allows certain young immigrants who meet specific criteria to stay in the U.S. for a two year period. Up until today, Governor Mitt Romney has been very vague as to whether he will honor President Obama’s Deferred Action plan for young immigrants. Mitt Romney’s announcement today provides reassurance to those Deferred Action eligible immigrants that if Mitt Romney is elected President, he will honor young immigrant’s Deferred Action status.

Governor Romney also announced that under his administration he planned to have his full immigration reform plan implemented before the two year protected period lapsed for current Deferred Action young immigrants. However, Governor Romney has not addressed what his immigration reform plan actually entails or what will occur if Congress fails to adopt it. For now, it should provide some young immigrants reassurance that Governor Romney has announced he will honor Deferred Action to those granted it if he is elected president.

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