More than 700,000 Mexicans in the US Are Lacking Identification


Hundreds of thousands of Mexican immigrants to the United States are lacking identification, leaving their lives in limbo.

The case of Fidencio Luna was highlighted recently in Salon magazine. The 26-year-old Mexican did not stray outside New York City because he was lacking identification. He lacked photo ID from both the U.S. and Mexican governments.

His situation changed recently A hit-and-run driver injured him and his plight attracted the attention of the media and the Mexican Consulate.

Many Mexicans lack identification in the US

Luna received his first passport after the wreck from the Mexican government. It helped him apply for forms for an emergency visa protection.

Salon reported he will eventually be able to gain legal residency in the United States. He will be able to open a bank account and travel outside New York City.

Nevertheless, Luna remains nervous. He had a fake ID until recently and remains unemployed from a construction job that was “off-the-books.” He faces substantial injuries with no health insurance and is highly vulnerable.

Mexicans Lacking Identification Don’t Have to Live in the Shadows

At Peek Law Group , we help people who are in situations like this. If you are an immigrant with no form of identification it feels like you are living in the shadows. You are constantly fearing deportation. Our Texas immigration attorney success stories contain many examples of how we have helped migrants beat deportation.

By gaining a Mexican passport, you can get your life back on track. More than 700,000 Mexican immigrants residing in the United States lack valid photo identification or birth certificates according to the Mexico City-based Be Foundation. They are described as the “doubly invisible.”

In all, up to 10 million Mexicans lack birth certificates states Be Foundation estimates. Salon reports Mexicans were charged as much as $45 to register a child. This can be a large amount of money for those living in poverty. However, a failure to register a child will impact his or her life further down the road.

Karen Mercado, president of the Be Foundation, said the $45 charge was removed a year ago. The change came too late for millions of Mexicans.

The problem goes beyond Mexico. Some of the lowest levels of birth registration are recorded in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

In the United States, Mexican Consulate branches routinely send out mobile units to connect with Mexican nationals and issue passports. Birth certificates have even been issued on rare occasions.

For those lacking identification, the process is not always straightforward . Some Mexicans lack forms like school diplomas or ID cards to reveal who they are.

If you are lacking identification, our Austin immigration attorneys may be able to help. Call us today for a consultation at (512) 399-2311.

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