Peek Law Group Fifth Friday: On Track Xperience!


Every 5th Friday of the month, Peek and Toland closes its office for a team building day or community outreach effort. This past 5th Friday, the partners at Peek and Toland decided to organize an extra fun team building day at On Track Xperience, a raceway in Kyle, Texas. The Peek and Toland staff split into two groups, each group racing each other three times on ProKarts. Each ProKart was able to accomplish speeds of 65 mph, which made racing exhilarating and competitive. As you can see from the photos below, we had all had a great time!

Two men next to a race car

Jeff and Steve in front of real Race Car


Steve getting suited up

person wearing racing gear

Alex Ariza all suited up and ready to race

women next to a racing vehicle

Adriana, Rubi, Zaira, Claudia and Jessica posting with a ProKart


Let the Racing Begin!



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