Immigration Fees Rose in December


A raft of new immigration fees were brought in on Dec. 23 involving hikes in the cost of immigration applications such as permanent residency and naturalizations.

The increase in fees was announced by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services increased fees for various immigration applications, including naturalization and permanent residency.

Immigration fees sometimes put people off going through processes such as citizenship. Another reason is the sheer amount of bureaucracy and the need to take tests.

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However, the recent presidential election illustrated the importance of citizenship when many immigrants sought citizenship to vote. Many failed to make it due to the weight of applications and slow processing by USCIS.

The new costs are detailed in an article in The Statesman.

In December, USCIS increased its immigration fees for the first time in six years. The fees fund the agency which reviews the structure of fees every two years.

Some Important Changes in Immigration Fees

  • Application for naturalization rose to $725 from $680.
  • The permanent residency application fee rose to $1,140 from $985, and
  • application for U.S. citizens to petition a relative who wants to come to the country rose to $535 from $420.

USCIS fully waives fees for applicants who fall well below the federal poverty guidelines. From December, the agency started offering discounted fees for naturalization applicants with incomes considerably below the federal poverty guidelines. If you are part of a household of four making $36,450 to $48,600 a year, the fee will be $320, down from the new full price tag of $725.

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