Texas Cancellation of Removal Lawyers – Some Success Stories


Our Austin cancellation of removal lawyers have helped many immigrants successfully fight deportation.

Some of our success stories are documented here on our website. Often immigrants fear the odds are stacked against them if they are convicted of an offense and face deportation. By hiring Texas cancellation of removal lawyers you can give yourself a better chance of avoiding deportation.

Peek Law Group’s success stories include helping a client who came to the United States from Mexico more than two decades ago. He was arrested for a DWI in 2010.


He contacted us to seek help with criminal charges and his immigration bond. Initially, our attorneys believed he was eligible for a U-Visa because he was stabbed in 2007.

The immigration and criminal defense team at Peek Law Group was unable to prove the requirements of a U Visa. However, his daughter was the victim of a sexual assault when she was 17. Under the requirements for a U-Visa, a victim can include her Mexican citizen parents in a derivative petition for a U Visa as long as the victim was under 21 at the time of filing. Our client was able to qualify for the benefits of a U-Visa through his daughter because she was a victim of a violent crime.

Cancellation of Removal Lawyers Help in U-Visa Case

U visas are set aside for victims of violent crimes or people who have suffered physical and mental anguish and are helpful to law enforcement, states U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). By successfully qualifying for a U-Visa, our client secured cancellation of removal.

In another case, our client lived in the United States but was charged with criminal infractions that meant he was deportable. Our attorneys made a case to the immigration judge, pointing out he had equities in Texas. We also provided evidence and detailed testimony related to his good character and the value he added to his community.

The judge canceled his deportation. We were pleased he was not sent home. The country he had not lived in since he was a baby is now a dangerous and unstable place.

It’s always gratifying when we can keep families together in the United States and prevent hardship, danger, and heartache.

If you are facing deportation, please call our cancellation of removal lawyers at (512) 399-2311.

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