Doctor Banned from Returning to the US Sues the Government


President Donald Trump’s travel ban of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries was intended to tackle terrorism. However, the case of a Chicago doctor who was unable to return home to the United States, highlighted the wider consequences of January’s action.

Dr. Amer al Homssi said he was “collateral damage” when Trump’s immigration order was issued in January. He ended up stranded in the United Arab Emirates and sued Trump.

After four days in the Middle East, he was allowed to come home, reported the New Yorker.


Homssi encountered issues because he is the holder of a Syrian passport. He visited the UAE to get married but when he returned to the airport, the U.S. authorities wrote ‘cancelled’ on his visa and would not let him board the plane.

The doctor works at Christ Hospital in Chicago. He faced losing his medical residency and being returned to Syria if he was not re-admitted to the United States.

More than 30 doctors showed up to an initial court hearing wearing white coats before the doctor was able to return to the United States.

On his return to the United States, Al Homssi had another court date. His attorneys expected him to finalize a settlement that would permit the doctor to stay in the United Sates to complete his residency.

The Courts Block Trump’s Travel Ban

On Feb. 9, a federal appeals court blocked Trump’s contentious travel ban. The President initially vowed to fight it. However, he issued a revised executive order in March that softened the terms of the ban and removed Iraq from the list of affected countries.

The unanimous ruling from the three-judge panel means that citizens of seven mainly Islamic countries were still be able to travel despite Trump’s executive order in January.

The move was a significant setback for the Trump administration and provided a breathing space for nations of the seven countries such as Al Homssi who were at risk of not being allowed back into the country.

There are confusing times for national of other countries who are in the United States whether green card or visa holders.

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