H-1B Season is Approaching Are You Ready?



As the H-1B cap season nears, it’s time to start to prepare for your 2018 filing.

April 1st may feel like a long time away, but if you are planning to work or currently work for a U.S. employer and are considering an H-1B visa, now is the time to start working on your application. It typically takes 3-5 months to prepare an H-1B visa application, so it’s important to select an immigration attorney you trust to start the process now.

The H-1B process is a twostep process. The first step is a Labor Conditions Application (LCA), which includes your prevailing wage for your position. The LCA process has its own processing times and filing fees, so it’s important to start this process early to avoid delays in submitting your H-1B application.

The second part of the process is your H-1B application. Keep in mind that H-1B visas are capped, which means that there are only 65,000 visas available per fiscal year. Thus, starting early on this process benefits you greatly.

Don’t miss the deadline, start your H-1B filing now with one of our experienced immigration attorneys, who will walk you through the entire process and handle all the applications for you. Schedule a consultation today.

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