Can I Waive a Jury Trial in Texas?


Anyone who is charged with a criminal offense in Texas has the right to a trial by jury. In most cases, the accused does choose a jury trial if the charges cannot be resolved by agreement. In some cases, however, it may be advantageous to waive a jury trial and request a trial before the court, or a bench trial, to be held, which means that the judge would decide the case following trial without a jury present. Normally, a jury would decide guilt or innocence, and the judge would sentence the individual based on the jury’s findings. In the case of a bench trial, the judge would decide guilt or innocence and also decide the sentence for the individual.

There are a variety of circumstances in which one might want to opt for a bench trial. If the issues of law are complex, for instance, you might have more confidence in the ability of a fair and impartial judge to understand the law and apply it to the facts of your case in order reach a correct result. Since judges normally do not like to have their decisions reversed on appeal, they typically will be focused on truly deciding the case on its merits. With a jury, however, you must rely on the ability of the individual juror to both comprehend what may be a complicated issue of law and accurately apply the law to the facts.


Can I Waive a Jury Trial in Texas?

Under Texas law, however, the state is not required to agree to a bench trial in the prosecution of a criminal offense. As a result, individuals who wish to waive a jury trial in lieu of having a bench trial may be unable to do so if the prosecutor doesn’t agree.

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