Should I Hire a Defense Lawyer if Police Are Investigating Me for a Crime?


If law enforcement officers contact you about a crime investigation, you always should protect your rights by immediately contacting an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney for help. While you may be hesitant to consult with or even contact an attorney, perhaps out of fear that you may look guilty or because police officers may warn you against doing so, getting the proper advice is essential. In many cases, if you get a criminal defense lawyer involved at the outset of an investigation, you may be able to resolve the issue without ever having charges filed against you. This can save you time, money, and unnecessary worry about an arrest or criminal charges that very well can cloud your future.

If you are under investigation, you have basic rights that you can and should exercise, no matter what the situation may be. You have the right to remain silent, the right to privacy, the right to leave if you are not under arrest, and the right to retain counsel. While many individuals are tempted to try to explain a situation to police or cooperate with their investigation, doing so often can make things much worse. By speaking freely about a criminal investigation, you inadvertently may be giving the police evidence that later will be used against you in a criminal prosecution. Don’t help law enforcement officials build a case for criminal charges against you. Remain silent and exercise your right to consult with an attorney.

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Should I Hire a Defense Lawyer if Police Are Investigating Me for a Crime?

Likewise, if police are questioning you about an ongoing criminal investigation and you are not under arrest, you have the right to remove yourself from the situation. If you are at the police station for questioning, you may leave if you are not in custody. If police are at your home or workplace for questioning or stopped by police, and they have not arrested you, then you have the right to ask them to leave. Do not put yourself in a situation in which you potentially may incriminate yourself. Exercise your right to leave and contact a defense lawyer right away.

At Peek Law Group, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and defending you from any potential criminal charges. We are here to investigate the facts surrounding your case, consider your options, and help you develop the strategy that is best designed to achieve a successful outcome in your case. Do not waste time; contact our office as soon as you become the target of an investigation.

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