The Collateral Consequences of a Texas Drug Conviction


Collateral consequences refer to the additional indirect penalties that you may encounter after you have been convicted of a crime. These are not the direct penalties that you receive as a result of a plea bargain or trial, such as a jail sentence, but they are other temporary, long-lasting, or even permanent consequences that are likely to affect your everyday life following your conviction. The exact nature of these collateral consequences will depend on the type of criminal conviction that you have, and a drug conviction in Texas results in very specific and serious consequences.

For example, you may become unable to request federal financial aid that would enable you to attend college if you are convicted of a drug offense. Any type of felony conviction can prevent you from voting in federal, state, and local elections for the rest of your life. Likewise, any type of felony conviction can permanently prevent you from owning a firearm. Your driver’s license can be suspended, which makes going to work, attending school, and just getting around in general extremely difficult.

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The Collateral Consequences of a Texas Drug Conviction

Plus, since you now have a drug conviction on your criminal history, you may have difficulty finding a job, and may be barred from certain types of employment altogether. For instance, Texas licensing authorities have the right to revoke, suspend, or deny certain employment-related licenses if you are convicted of a felony, which often occurs in drug-related criminal cases. There is a long list of occupations that require licensure in the state of Texas, including barbers, teachers, nurses, and firefighters. If you have a felony drug conviction in your background, you are likely to lose your license or have it suspended, or be denied a license by the state.

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