How Do I Check My H-1B Status Online?


An employer files a H-1B visa application (Form I-129) in order to get permission for a foreign national to work temporarily in the U.S. There currently is an annual limit of 85,000 H-1B visas. When a foreign national obtains a H-1B visa, it is renewable every three years if approved by U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), for up to six years. Thereafter, if a foreign national wishes to remain working in the U.S., he or she will have to apply for employment-based permanent residence.

While you can call the appropriate USCIS service center to get information about the status of your H-1B visa application, you also can easily check the status of your application online on the USCIS website. Whether you check the status of your application by telephone or online, you will need the unique 13-digit alphanumeric receipt number that USCIS assigned to your visa application. If you are in the state of Texas, your receipt number should start with “SRC,” which refers to the Texas Service Center, located in the Dallas area. You must enter this receipt number on the website without any spaces or hyphens between the number or characters. You then click on the “Check Status” button to get updated information about the status of your application. You also can sign up for USCIS to send email notices to you when the state of your application changes in any way.

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How Do I Check My H-1B Status Online?

Another helpful resource is the website showing estimated process times for various visa applications. You can check estimated processing times for your particularly visa application online. Select the correct form number that corresponds to a H-1B visa application (Form I-129) and then select the Texas Service Center from the dropdown menus.

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