Trump Aide Announces Potential for More Temporary Immigrant Workers


recent Reuters article quotes White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow as saying that the Trump administration is looking at ways to hire more temporary immigrant workers, at least in certain industries. This is largely because U.S. unemployment is at an 18-year low. For May, 2018, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that unemployment was at 3.8%. Due to these strong employment rates, it is likely that some U.S. employers are struggling to find qualified workers. This tight labor market can have the effect of slowing growth and lifting wages.

Just recently, the federal government made an additional 15,000 H-2B visas available for temporary non-agricultural workers to help with seasonal jobs related to summer tourism. However, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received more visa petitions than were available in the first five business days of filing under the FY 2018 supplemental cap. Although USCIS continues to process petitions on behalf of workers exempt from the cap, it rejected any other petitions. The only American businesses that were eligible for these additional H-2B visas were those attesting that they likely would suffer irreparable harm without the ability to hire all of the H-2B workers requested in their petition.

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Trump Aide Announces Potential for More Temporary Immigrant Workers

Many employers are complaining of an inability to fill jobs with domestic workers, including those in the trucking, sales, carpentry, and technology industries. This is partially because the visa process operated as a lottery this year, rather than first-come, first-serve, as it had in the past. This resulted in some employers being shut out of the visa process altogether. 

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