What Crimes Under Texas Law Can Cause You to Be Placed on the Sex Offender Registry?


Convictions for over 20 types of criminal offenses in the state of Texas require individuals to register as a sex offender. Additionally, sex offender registration can be a condition of parole or community supervision, in some cases. Individuals convicted of similar sex offenses in other states also can be required to register if they move to Texas. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 62.001 et seq. sets forth the criminal offenses that subject individuals who must register as sex offenders, as well as the requirements imposed on those who must register.

If individuals are convicted of certain sex offenses in Texas, they must register for a ten-year period. These criminal offenses include prostitution under Texas Penal Code Sec. 43.02(c)(3), online solicitation of a minor, second indecent exposure offenses under Sec. 21.08, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, or aggravated kidnapping if the victim or intended victim was under the age of 17, and attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit some sex offenses, among others.

Other sex offenses under Texas law require lifetime registration for individuals who are convicted of them. Some of these offenses include:

·         Continuous sexual abuse of or indecency with a young child or children under Sec. 21.02 and 21.11 (a)(1)

·         Sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault

·         Sexual performance by a child

·         Possession or promotion of child porn

·         Prohibited sexual conduct

·         Trafficking of a person under Sec. 20A.02(a)(3), (4), (7), or (8)

·         Obscenity under Sec. 43.23(h)

Those individuals who are subject to Texas sex offender registration must comply with all of the requirements under Texas law. Some of these requirements include submission of a recent color photograph, a listing of the type of offense of which the individual was convicted, the age of the victim(s) involved in the offense, and a DNA sample. If individuals who are required to register as sex offenders spend more than 48 hours three times per month or more in a different municipality or county, they must provide certain information to the local law enforcement agency.

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