Trump Administration Failing in Acquiring Texas Private Land Needed to Construct Its Border Wall


Although the Trump Administration has promised to complete 500 miles of its border wall by the end of next year, the probability of it being able to achieve this goal is growing dim. According to a recent Washington Post article, of the 166 miles of the border wall that the Trump Administration intends to build in Texas, new construction is complete on only two percent of that distance, or less than four miles. Furthermore, 162 of the 166 miles lie on private property, not federal property. Nonetheless, the Trump Administration has acquired only 16% of the private land that it needs to complete the project through purchases of the land. So far, it has not had to use its eminent domain authority to take any property in Texas. 

In response to these setbacks, the Trump Administration has accelerated construction efforts along the hundreds of miles of desert that already is under federal control in Western states. The government is just now starting to contact landowners along the lower Rio Grande Valley in south Texas to complete survey work on their land. This area of the planned wall construction is far more challenging, as the terrain is not flat and does not lie in a straight line. However, this area is also the busiest area for illegal border crossings, which makes construction in this area crucial to achieving the government’s goals.

Large wall
Trump Administration Failing in Acquiring Texas Private Land
Needed to Construct Its Border Wall

Some private landowners do not want to give up their land to a large steel structure and say it’s unnecessary. The river also makes the planned construction more challenging. Furthermore, ongoing litigation about the Trump Administration’s ability to use military funds for the border also has hampered construction in south Texas.

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