Tips for Businesses Seeking EB-5 Funding


The EB-5 immigrant investor program permits foreign investors to obtain a green card and an eventual means of U.S. citizenship when they invest in new commercial enterprises in the United States that are designed to create jobs. Each project requires that an investment of $1 million create at least ten new full-time jobs for U.S. workers. This option is a highly attractive and beneficial way to gain investor financing.

To more effective secure EB-5 funding, your proposed enterprise will need to stand out from all of the other potential projects. A strong marketing campaign is a necessity, since competition among EB-5 projects for funding is quite high. Any successful project will have to appeal to potential investors and address any concerns by investors, such as in the area of security. You also will need to address any risks and the overall feasibility of the project. You will have to be honest, transparent, and very specific about how your project will create jobs.

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Tips for Businesses Seeking EB-5 Funding

Regional centers may make it easier for projects looking for EB-5 funding. These centers are designated by geographical area and industry, and often cover areas that are deemed targeted employment or rural areas. Targeted employment areas, in particular, may be more attractive for investors because they require only a $500,000 investment. Working with regional centers also allows you to count jobs that are indirectly created by the project toward your total number of jobs created, which you cannot do with projects not affiliated with regional centers.

You also may choose to make it easier for investors by applying for exemplar status from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which essentially pre-approves your project. Obtaining this pre-approval gives your investors shorter waiting times. However, getting exemplar status is not an easy process and may take up to two years to achieve.

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