Mistakes to Avoid When You Get Arrested


When police arrest people, their first thought may be to try and explain the situation so that they can get themselves out of trouble. Talking to police about the allegations against you, however, is a significant mistake. You may inadvertently incriminate yourself or give the police evidence against you that they didn’t already have. In other words, you can make your situation substantially worse. As a result, you should not say anything to police other than to request to speak with a lawyer.

Another potential mistake that people often make following an arrest is to discuss the charges or arrest with family members or friends. While people may find it comforting or useful to address these issues with loved ones, doing so can backfire quickly. For example, jails typically monitor or record phone calls between inmates and others. By speaking to your mother about details related to your criminal charges, you risk incriminating yourself by admitting that you violated the law or giving the police evidence to use against you at trial. While it is fine to seek emotional support from friends and family, you should not discuss your charges, your arrest, or your criminal case at all.

person in handcuffs
Mistakes to Avoid When You Get Arrested

Another mistake that many people make after an arrest is to be less than truthful with their lawyers. While you may be reluctant or embarrassed to admit wrongdoing, even to a stranger, you should understand that the attorney-client privilege binds your lawyer. This means your lawyer generally cannot tell anyone what you said. Failing to be truthful with your lawyer can hurt your case. If you want a lawyer to be able to adequately assess your situation and determine the defense strategy that is most likely to be effective in your case, then you must be truthful. Attempting to blame someone else for a criminal offense that you committed or something that you did wrong is likely to hurt you rather than help you.

Our goal is to assist you with your criminal law concerns, whether you are facing criminal charges or only under investigation for a crime. We can evaluate your situation and develop a strategy that is most likely to be efficient and effective in your case. Regardless of the criminal law matter that you are facing, the attorneys of Peek Law Group have the experience, knowledge, and reputation that you want and need to advocate on your behalf. When results matter most, contact us at  (512) 399-2311.

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