Trump Administration Retreats from Threats to Close U.S.-Mexican Border


After making repeated threats via Twitter to close the U.S.-Mexican border, the Trump administration has backed off its threats, stating that Mexico will have a “one-year warning.” The federal government originally based its threats to close the border on the perceived failure of Mexico to stop the flow of immigrants entering the U.S. with no legal immigration status. The administration then altered the focus of its threats from stopping immigrants from crossing the border illegally to stopping the flow of illegal drugs across the border.

In its abrupt reversal on this issue, the Trump administration then broached the idea of placing a tariff on all vehicles coming out of Mexico, as well as other products, if the flow of illegal drugs across the border did not case. Now, however, the Trump administration has backed off those threats as well, deciding to “hold off” on any auto tariffs for at least six months. Auto tariffs would predominantly affect Europe and Japan, and the administration is using the threat of tariffs to pressure the two into making concessions in trade talks.

Border wall
Trump Administration Retreats from Threats to Close U.S.-Mexican Border

Amidst a quickly spiraling trade dispute with China, the U.S. most recently made efforts to resolve ongoing tensions with Canada and Mexico by lifting import taxes on steel and aluminum. The move caused those countries to retract retaliatory tariffs that they had placed on various goods flowing into the U.S. These efforts cleared one of the roadblocks to a NAFTA alternative that the Trump administration has been working on since last year. One of the goals is to prevent cheap imports of steel and aluminum from entering North America, which primarily targets China. Many countries historically have criticized China for flooding markets with metal and driving down prices worldwide, which has hurt U.S. metal producers. When facing any immigration issue, you are likely to need the legal advice that only experienced Texas immigration attorneys can offer you. Peek Law Group provides strong legal representation on a regular basis for individuals, families, and businesses who are dealing with immigration problems. It is our priority is to represent your interests and protect your rights.  Call us at (512) 399-2311 and schedule an appointment to speak with us today.

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