DACA Recipients Await U.S. Supreme Court Showdown


Deferral Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a program established by the Obama Administration. DACA was designed to protect some immigrants whose parents brought them to the U.S. as children without authorization. DACA recipients enjoy limited protection from deportation and renewable two-year work permits. The Trump Administration has been seeking to abolish the program for the past two years amidst high-profile federal court litigation. As a result, the federal government is still accepting renewal applications for DACA, but it is not accepting any more initial applications for the program.

The U.S. Supreme Court now is set to hear arguments in November 2019 to determine whether the Trump Administration has the authority to terminate the program. Many anticipate the Supreme Court decision to issue in June 2020, in the heat of the upcoming presidential race. Either way the high Court rules, the political fallout could be severe. To date, Congress has failed in its efforts to find a permanent legislative solution for DACA recipients.

DACA Recipients Await U.S. Supreme Court Showdown

DACA has been a beneficial and successful program. Most recipients report that DACA has permitted them to get jobs that pay better, more closely fit their training and education, and provide health insurance and benefits. Not surprisingly, most DACA recipients fear the adverse consequences of deportation. Most of them expect that they would fear for their safety and that of their family if deported to their native countries. They also reported concerns about getting adequate food and health care if deported.

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