Decline in Refugee Numbers Leads to Closure of Resettlement Offices


CNN recently reported on the closure of various refugee resettlement offices across the U.S. due to the sharp decline in the number of refugees being admitted to the U.S. In fact, all nine resettlement agencies who assist the State Department in placing refugees have now closed multiple office locations. These closures of offices or suspension of resettlement services amounts to about 100 offices nationwide.

Refugee resettlement is a form of legal immigration that not only provides safety for persecuted natives of other countries, but helps reorient them and adapt to life in the U.S. Resettlement agencies that contract with the federal government help find housing, jobs, and needed services for refugees new to the U.S. They also provide cultural training to help refugees navigate daily life in the U.S.

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Decline in Refugee Numbers Leads to Closure of Resettlement Offices

The Trump Administration’s efforts at curbing legal immigration along with illegal immigration have been effective in crippling the refugee resettlement program, which was created to serve some of the most vulnerable populations. The resettlement agencies report that they currently are receiving only about one quarter of the 85,000 refugees that they helped to resettle only three years earlier.

In 2018, the Trump Administration set the refugee cap at 30,000, which is the lowest level since 1980. This cap contrasts with the 110,000 cap that was in place in 2017. By the end of August 2019, refugee numbers were nearing the cap.

Refugee resettlement agencies are wary of future caps, and with good reason. The Trump Administration now has advised Congress that it will again dramatically decrease the refugee cap to 18,000 for 2020. This cap is a new historic low. Further complicating the situation, the White House also issued an executive order that permits states and local jurisdiction to deny refugees seeking to resettle there under some circumstances. This new order could lead to more refugee resettlement offices closing in areas of the country in which communities may refuse to accept refugees.

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