Can I Get a Passport if I Have a Felony Conviction?

Can a Felon have a Passport in the US?

Can Felons Have Passports?

Generally, a felony conviction does not categorically bar you from obtaining a passport. This document simply identifies you as a U.S. citizen and does not contain any indicators about your criminal background.

There are, however, specific situations in which individuals with felony convictions will be unable to get a passport.

Circumstances in Which a Felon Cannot Get a US Passport

If you have a conviction for drug trafficking that you committed while in another country, federal law would prohibit you from getting a passport.

Furthermore, if you are on supervised release, probation, or parole for a criminal offense and one of its terms prevents you from leaving the country, you will be unable to obtain a passport.

You also will be unable to get a passport if you are currently participating in a supervised release program for a felony conviction for possession or distribution of a controlled substance.

If you currently are under federal arrest or subject to a federal subpoena, you also cannot get a passport to travel outside the country. Likewise, if the federal government has identified you as a severe threat to national security, or a judge otherwise has forbidden you from leaving the country, a passport will be unavailable to you.

Can My Passport Be Revoked?

Even if you already have a passport, the U.S. government can revoke it at any time if you fall into one of these categories of people. If your passport is flagged, you could encounter difficulties if you attempt to leave or re-enter the U.S.

Finally, many countries, including Canada and Mexico, will not admit individuals with a felony conviction in their country for any reason. In this case, even though the answer to the question, “can felons have passports?” is technically yes, you may not be able to travel anywhere using said passport.

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