U.S. Puts Brakes on Refugee Resettlement Program, Leaving Hundreds in Limbo


According to a recent CNN article, the U.S. halted the refugee resettlement program in October 2019 altogether. The move left hundreds of refugees stranded and in limbo after the U.S. canceled their incoming flights. This lapse in the resettlement program extended through November 5, 2019. Soon after that date, about 600 refugees of FFY 2020 entered the country as the Trump Administration resumed program operations.

In conjunction with this delay, the Trump Administration issued executive orders that both drastically reduced the refugee resettlement cap to 18,000 for FFY 2020 and allowed states and cities to begin objecting to refugees being resettled in their communities by requiring their written permission before resettlement occurs. In the history of the 40-year program, states and cities have never been able to refuse the resettlement of refugees.

U.S. Puts Brakes on Refugee Resettlement Program, Leaving Hundreds in Limbo

In response to the executive orders, three refugee resettlement agencies now have filed suit against the Trump Administration. These agencies content that the order will irreparably harm the program, which already has experienced an 80% drop in refugee admissions since the President took office.

The impact to this program is of particular interest to the state of Texas, which has more refugee resettlements than in any other state. Active resettlement programs in major Texas cities such as Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio have well-organized procedures in place to welcome new refugees and large immigrant populations. Nonetheless, the state government has often opposed resettlement efforts, especially under the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott, who frequently spars with local government authorities over programs that he views as overly “socialistic.” Whatever your situation may be, you will need skilled legal assistance to work toward a resolution of your immigration matter.

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