What Are Common Property Crimes Under Texas Law?


Various criminal offenses fall into the category of property crimes under Texas law. One of the most common of these crimes is larceny or theft. Larceny occurs when individuals take actions that permanently deprive others of the benefit or use of property or anything of value that belongs to them, without the consent of the owners. Likewise, shoplifting is a subcategory of larceny, in that it involves any actions designed to remove merchandise, money, or anything of value from a retail establishment. These actions may include taking property from a store but also can take the form of switching or altering price tags or placing merchandise in different containers or packaging.

Other property crimes that involve an element of theft include burglary and robbery. Burglary, which is the more common of the two crimes, occurs when individuals illegally enter someone’s home or business without permission and with the intent to commit a crime. Robbery, on the other hand, occurs when people force or violence to deprive others of property that they own or over which they have control.

What Are Common Property Crimes Under Texas Law?

Another type of property crime consists of offenses that are primarily financial, as money is a form of property under state law. Various types of fraud, including real estate fraud, credit card fraud, and insurance fraud, all qualify as property crimes. Embezzlement, money laundering, and other similar offenses typically have an element of theft, as well. Writing bad checks is another form of property offense that is quite common. Although these crimes may occur more in business or employment settings, they still are property crimes that can have severe consequences for those who commit them.

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