Learn English In Less Than A Year for Citizenship Test


Learning a foreign language, like English, is not easy, but it is possible to achieve. Immigration attorney Jeff Peek gives you eight tips that helped him learn Spanish in less than ten months. These tips can be applied to learning any foreign language. Still, it’s especially beneficial for those who want to learn English and are applying for citizenship and have to take the USCIS naturalization test.

  1. Have a base knowledge of the language. 
  2. Immerse yourself in the language and the culture. 
  3. Travel to that foreign-speaking country alone. 
  4. Develop daily habits of practice.
  5. If you can, get a tutor.
  6. Find things to tune your ear, such as listening to music, watching movies, etc.  
  7. Find yourself a close friend or boyfriend/girlfriend who speaks the language.
  8. Continue learning and practicing. 

If you do all these tips, you will find that the first two months would be rough, but then about month three, it just starts slowing down. You begin understanding people, and you can express yourself better. The steep curve starts flattening out a bit, and you can switch your brain to the foreign language you are trying to learn.  

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