Immigration Law Updates


Today attorney Jeff Peek informs us of the latest immigration law updates concerning the USCIS, immigration forms, and the continuation of travel bans.

1. There will not be a furlough of USCIS employees.

This is excellent news because 75% of USCIS employees that they had mentioned could be furloughed will continue to work in their jobs. That’s great for not only those people and their families, but it’s good for everybody in an immigration process. There will not be a delay in the application process time.

2. New Version of Form 1-765

To apply for a work authorization card, you have to fill out Form I-765. There is now a new version of the Form I-765. The latest version of the form went into effect on August 25. If you file with an old version, immigration can reject that new application because you’re not using the form’s correct version.

3.United States, Mexico, and Canada reissued an extension to the travel ban for all non-essential travel between those countries until September 21.

What does that mean? Goodbye to tourism. If you had a trip planned to Cancún, or you wanted to go up to Toronto, or if you wanted to come to Disney world from one of those outside countries, you cannot do so that on a tourist visa up until September 21. However, that does not include essential travel.

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