Immigrant Sues Over Arrest, Saying He was Wrongly Placed in Gang Database


Detainers by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are controversial enough at the best of times. However, one ICE detainee is suing over his arrest claiming he was wrongly placed in a gang database.

Attorneys for Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez are blaming the Chicago Police Department. They say the immigrant was violently arrested by ICE agents.

The lawyers say the police department’s practice of sharing its information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement led to an unlawful raid on Catalan-Ramirez’s home, according to a lawsuit, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez is an undocumented immigrant. His lawyers said he was wrongly placed in the police department’s “over-inclusive” gang database.

The move had a dramatic effect. He was stripped of privacy protections under the city’s sanctuary city ordinance, court documents stated. Police said Catalan-Ramirez was never a gang member. He was seriously injured when he was arrested in March after ICE agents entered his home. He was not informed of his presence on the database or allowed to challenge it.

Lawyers say police held the immigrant’s arm behind his back and slammed his head on the floor, exacerbating a previous brain injury.

ICE round-ups have taken place across the country in recent months as the Trump administration makes good its ‘get tough’ policy with undocumented immigrants who committed crimes.

A report on CNN said fear of roundups is resulting in undocumented immigrants going underground and not sending their children to schools.

While some unauthorized immigrants are keeping their children out of school, others suspended visits to places like libraries or other days out in the community.

The CNN article stated some undocumented immigrants won’t respond to knocks on their door, are putting bedsheets over their windows, and staying off social media.

In Texas, big raids were held in areas like Austin. If you believe ICE agents have violated your rights, you should talk to an immigration attorney from Texas. Call us at F:P:Sub:Phone}.

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