Central Americans Are Turning to Mexico for Asylum


In recent years, the United States saw a large influx of refugees from Central American counties like Honduras and El Salvador. However, new evidence suggests more Central Americans are turning to Mexico for asylum.

The trend of more people from Central American counties turning to Mexico for asylum has picked up since the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, reported Time.

The magazine article noted a 150 percent rise in asylum applications received by Mexico since the 2016 presidential election. During the same time, detentions at the border between the United States and Mexico fell slightly.

Refugees turn to Mexico for asylum

From November to Match, COMAR, Mexico’s refugee agency received 5,421 applications for asylum. That was more than double the number received during the same period in 2015-16.

However, the number of asylum applications was rising even before Trump with his anti-immigration stance was elected as president.

Reuters noted that detentions on the U.S. border were down by 4 percent during that period.

Refugees Turn to Mexico for Asylum – Why Are People Fleeing Central America?

In recent years an upsurge in violence led to an exodus from a number of Central American families. We noted how many of these are children fleeing violence.

Gang violence is prevalent in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Poverty levels have been increasing in some of these countries while the Mexican economy improved and levels of violence fell. El Salvador and Honduras consistently appear in lists of the most dangerous countries in the world.

A report in The Guardian suggested fewer of these young families and unaccompanied minors are making it all the way to the U.S. border.

Citing Homeland Security data, Reuters noted that just over 1,000 families from Central American countries were stopped at the Mexican border in March, a 93 percent decrease since December.

The number of new arrivals detained for attempting to enter the United States from Mexico fell to below 12,500 in March. That represented the lowest monthly total in at least 17 years, stated the Associated Press.

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