Texas Prescription Drug Ring Busted


A 27-year-old Austin man has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. KXAN reports that the man is one of a group of individuals, from Texas to Louisiana, who allegedly used homeless people to obtain prescription drugs. Federal prosecutors announced the arrest on Wednesday, indicating suspects from Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Baton Rouge conspired to sell the illicit pharmaceuticals. The plan was originally hatched in 2013 and ran until late 2014 before investigators caught up with the group. If convicted, the suspects could face over 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

Officials indicated that the group preyed upon homeless and low-income individuals. The individuals were paid a small fee to pose as patients at various clinics and hospitals throughout Texas. Once prescriptions were filled out and obtained by these “patients,” the group would then take the illegally obtained drugs and sell them at a premium to other buyers in the state. While certainly not the first time this type of strategy has been employed by drug dealers in Texas, it is significant in both size and scope.

Conspiracy to distribute drugs of any kind is a serious and often complex crime. It involves the coordinated efforts by multiple people to obtain and sell drugs illegally. Individuals who face such charges could potentially lose decades of freedom and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted.

It is critical to begin mounting a formidable defense immediately, as Texas state prosecutors are not known for their leniency concerning drug charges. Contact the criminal defense team at Peek Law Group today and get the facts on your rights and your options in a confidential consultation.

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