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Peek Law Group invites you to enter its Christmas Raffle benefiting Casa Hogar de la Montaña and La Refineria. Each ticket costs $10. For every five tickets you buy, you will receive one free. (In other words, for every $50 you spend, you receive one additional free ticket valued at $10.) To purchase a ticket, please click the Donate button below.

We Are Taking Donations

Casa Hogar de la Montana (Children’s Home of the Mountains)

Your donation will help to provide a safe, loving and devoted home to orphaned, neglected, and abused children in Saltillo, Mexico. To learn more about Children’s Home of the Mountains, watch the video below.

La Refineria (The Refinery)

Your donation will also pave the way for men who have lost their way find a path toward betterness through Christian counseling and support. To learn more about the Refinery, watch the video below.

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