How Can I Stop Someone From Sending Me Harassing Text Messages?


Harassment consists of any unwanted or repeated conduct, which includes harassing text messages. This definition also encompasses in-person contact, phone calls, emails, and any other types of contact via the Internet. In fact, the text messages or other unwanted communications do not have to be specifically threatening in any way to constitute harassment. So long as the contact is unwanted, the text messages qualify as harassment.

There are some practical steps that you can take to fight back against unwanted harassing text messages:

First, you should take screenshots or photographs of the text messages. Go one step further to protect your documentation of the messages by protecting or locking them on your device and creating backups of the images so that you don’t lose them in the event of a system back-up or accidental deletion.

Next, download your cell phone activity records. If you have difficulty accessing these records, you can contact your cell phone service provider for help. Save the downloaded files and print out a hard copy to review. On the printed copy, you can make it easier for law enforcement authorities to review the records by highlighting the number of harassing text messages or phone calls that you have received.

If you have taken any action to stop the harassment yourself, you also should provide documentation of those actions. For instance, if you sent the harasser a text message asking him or her to stop texting you, you should include a screenshot of that text message.

As most people know the person who is harassing them, whether due to a prior relationship or friendship, co-worker relationship, or another context, you should detail the history of your relationship and contact with that person. If you exchanged:

  • Facebook messages
  • Text messages
  • Email messages

Or had other forms of communication, you should document as many details as you can remember so that law enforcement authorities have a clear understanding of any prior relationship that you had with the person who is now harassing you.

Finally, you should make a copy of all your documentation for your own files, add your contact information, and go to the local police state to make a formal police report about the harassment that you are enduring. This is the best way to document your efforts to make the harassment stop.

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