The Impact of Federal Immigration Policies on Universities


The crackdown on legal immigration by the Trump Administration is leading to adverse effects for universities nationwide. For instance, many international students are reporting visa denials, which are leading to colleges and universities enrolling fewer international students. Likewise, colleges are having more challenges in recruiting and retaining foreign faculty members. In addition to visa denials, administrative delays have become extraordinarily lengthy, and requests for evidence have become commonplace. In many cases, even seemingly qualified visa applicants who meet all requirements are encountering visa denials. Immigration officials also appear to be applying standards for visa approvals inconsistently, which leads to two similar students receiving different results.

With a reported 46% increase in the time it takes for the federal government to process visa applications over the past two years, prospective students and faculty members are stuck in limbo while their positions go unfilled. College administrators claim that the inability to maintain multicultural populations is weakening the entire American education system.

Furthermore, colleges are reporting that existing international students and faculty members are experiencing difficulties with what used to be routine immigration matters, such as clearance for international travel and family visas. The uncertain and lengthy process is likely causing fewer international students to consider coming to the U.S. to study and scholars to conduct research and teach.

Other immigration policy changes are concerning to university officials, as well. Immigrant students often rely on SNAP and housing assistance to support themselves while in school. If they must rely on benefits to attend to school, but it potentially puts them at risk for being unable to remain in the U.S., they may simply choose not to attend school. Student advocates also fear that the public charge rule will discourage immigrant students from seeking federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants.

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