Spike in North Austin Crime Causes Concern


Crime has been spiking in many of Texas’ cities but Austin remains one of the safer places in the state. However, recent reports suggest North Austin crime is rising.

The TV station KVUE noted concerns about rising levels of offending in the Georgian Acres area.

The station quoted Tim Abbott who said his home was burglarized numerous times and even his son has been targeted.  His father said he was mugged as he returned home. The expressed their fear about North Austin crime.

crime scene tape

The Austin Police Department has stepped up patrols in the area, according to the reports. Abbot said North Austin would benefit from an additional police substation because the nearest ones are as far as five miles away near Parmer and Metric.

Theft is driving North Austin crime, the report stated. Theft crimes are the most common offenses across the country. You can read more about them on this page.

However, Ellie Brady of the Laurel Oaks neighborhood south of Spicewood Springs said there had been a rise in sexual assaults in the area. It was the catalyst for the setting up of a neighborhood watch program. She hopes to enlist almost a third of the community in the initiative to fight North Austin crime.

Another news channel, KXAN, recently reported violent crime has been increasing in Austin in the wake of the killings of five police officers in Dallas.

Police Warn of Rising North Austin Crime and Offending Elsewhere

City police chief Art Acevedo reported increases in murder, rape, and robbery across the city. He said since the start of January, 1,834 attacks were reported in Austin. That’s an increase of a fifth on the same time period last year. He believes the trend is likely to continue.

Although crime levels in Austin appear to be rising, an FBI study in 2015, revealed it is one of the safest cities in Texas.

Dallas has seen a large spike in violent crime this year while other cities that have emerged as violent crime hotspots in previous FBI surveys include San Antonio, Victoria and Corpus Christi which have all appeared in lists of the top 10 most dangerous cities in Texas.

When crime levels spike in cities, police departments come under greater pressure to reverse the trend. It can lead to an over-zealous crackdown which can see people wrongly arrested.

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