False Accusations of Domestic Violence


False accusations of domestic violence may arise in a variety of situations. One common situation where false accusations might occur in where parents are embroiled in child custody proceedings; one parent makes allegations of violence against the other in hopes of winning the custody case. Similarly, when one individual starts to move on after a bad break-up, the other individual may seek to get back at or get even with him or her by alleging domestic violence in their relationship. Whatever the case may be, however, the consequences of a domestic violence conviction are very harsh and can continue to impact your life for years to come.

False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges involve individuals with certain household and family relationships. An incident of domestic violence may occur when an individual takes any action intended to cause bodily injury to another, or who makes a threat that would reasonably put another in fear of imminent physical harm or assault, with respect to an individual who falls within one of the specified relationships. Intentional physical contact with others that would reasonably be taken as provocative or offensive also can constitute domestic violence. These relationships include family members by blood, adoption, or marriage, household members, individuals who share children, and individuals who formerly or currently are in a dating relationship.

The potential penalties for domestic violence charges are severe and life-altering. Many domestic violence crimes are prosecuted as felonies, which can result in significant prison terms upon conviction. Multiple convictions for domestic violence misdemeanor offenses also can result in subsequent charges being filed as felonies. If the domestic violence incident results in serious bodily injury or involves a deadly weapon, the level of the felony charge rises substantially, and individuals could be looking at many years in prison, not to mention fines, an inability to carry a firearm under federal law, difficulty finding jobs, and even a loss of access to one’s own children in some cases.

When you are charged with any type of criminal offense in the state of Texas, including domestic violence charges you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your interests from the very beginning of your case. We are here to evaluate the facts surrounding your case, present your options, and provide you with the strongest defense possible. Contact Peek Law Group at (512) 399-2311 today and set up an appointment to speak with our legal team.

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