Sex Offender Guidelines Under Texas Law


Individuals who are convicted of certain sexually-based offenses in the state of Texas are required to register with the sex offender registry, which is a state and national database that gives information about sex offenders in different locations. The information that individuals are required to report includes their names, physical descriptions, current address, and current place of employment. If an address or place of employment changes, the individuals have an affirmative duty to change the information with the registry. The length of time that these individuals are required to register depends upon the nature of the offense; in some cases, individuals must maintain their registration for life.

Those individuals who are convicted of some sex offenses have restrictions on where they can live, work, and even on public places that they can visit. For instance, some individuals may not be present in or near a “child safety zone.” These zones are places where children normally gather, such as schools, daycare facilities, playgrounds, churches at which children attend programs, and arcades or similar places of interest to children. This also means that these individuals may not be allowed to live in certain areas that are near child safety zones.

Childrens playground

Sex Offender Guidelines Under Texas Law

Individuals convicted of some offenses also may be prohibited from any type of employment that puts them in contact with children. These occupations might include teachers, religious workers, daycare workers, camp counselors, and therapists or counselors for children.

If individuals violate these conditions, they may violate the terms of their community supervision or parole, which can lead to revocation and a return to incarceration. Likewise, violating some of these prohibitions, such as failing to register as required, can result in separate criminal offenses that also may result in jail time.

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