Why You Shouldn’t Discuss Your Criminal Charges with Your Friends and Family


If you are arrested for a crime, you are likely upset, confused, and scared about the potential outcome of your criminal charges. Naturally, you will want to speak with close friends and family about details related to your case so that you can figure out how to handle the situation. However, talking your case over with anyone but a criminal defense attorney can be extremely dangerous for the ultimate outcome of your criminal case. Disclosing important information about evidence, your guilt or innocence, or details of the offense may hurt your case, in that you may end up with a harsher sentence, or in some cases, with additional charges.


One major danger of disclosing details about your case with others is social media. Almost 80% of Americans use at least one social media account and many use multiple accounts. One little slip of information about your case by a friend or family member can have a large negative impact on your case. The problem is that most law enforcement officials now use social media as a means of investigating their cases. A careless comment or tweet about the injustice of your case could give away information to law enforcement officers and result in more penalties for you down the road. By posting information about your case on social media, even if it is just an offhand comment, is just like talking to the police about your case and giving them information that they may not know about.

Another problem with talking to family and friends about your case is that you tell them information that should be kept confidential, such as details about the offense or your guilt, the prosecution could subpoena them and have them testify about what you told them. Anything you tell your attorney is confidential and privileged by law, but whatever you choose to tell your sister is fair game to be used against you.

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