4Rules to Justify Self-Defense in Texas | In Your Defense Series


Welcome to In Your Defense. Attorney Steve Toland discusses rules to justify self-defense and goes over examples that do not justify the use of force as self-defense in Texas.

4 Rules to Justify Self-Defense in Texas

First, you need to remember that Texas is a stand your ground state. You can stand your ground as long as you’re not the primary aggressor.

There are four rules you would need to follow to justify using force against someone else if you’re defending yourself. 

  1. You have to be reasonable in your belief that it must be immediately necessary to exact force upon another person.
  2. You’re only allowed to use the reasonable amount of force needed to stop whatever that person’s doing to you. You have to balance your response proportionately. 
  3. You have to be in a legal position. You can’t be breaking the law when you try and then justify your use of force on somebody else. 
  4. You cannot be the instigator.

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