College Students and Criminal Charges: What Families Need to Know


When young adults go off to college, they often are on their own and free from parental oversight for the first time in their lives. Not surprisingly, this situation often leads to students making less than perfect decisions and trying out new experiences that often may land them in trouble. While college students may face the same types of criminal charges as all adults, they often face charges related to illegal alcohol and drug use, whether on or off-campus.

Alcohol consumption, in particular, is a common source of criminal charges for college students. Most college students are under the age of 21, at least for the first few years of college, which makes it illegal for them to possess or consume alcohol. Similarly, using fake IDs to attempt to purchase alcohol or enter bars or clubs also can lead to criminal charges. Even when college students are 21 or older, however, they still can face alcohol-related charges, such as DWI. Alcohol use also can lead to other types of criminal charges, such as disorderly conduct, trespass, vandalism, theft, assault, and sexual assault. While alcohol is not always a part of these criminal offenses, it often is a factor that contributes to criminal charges for college students.

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College Students and Criminal Charges: What Families Need to Know

Criminal charges can have a devastating effect on the futures of college students. Not only can they face regular penalties through the criminal justice system, such as probation, fines, community service hours, and jail time, but they can face other repercussions, as well. Even mere allegations of illegal conduct on the part of a college student can lead to student disciplinary proceedings, which ultimately can impact their standing as students. Depending on the outcome of those proceedings, they could face suspension, probation, and even expulsion. They may lose scholarships, financial aid, and the ability to live in campus housing. They may be barred from specific campus activities, and they may miss out on crucial internship and job opportunities due to their college or university disciplinary records.

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