What is the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault?


Sexual assault occurs under Tex. Pen. Code § 22.011 when individuals intentionally or knowingly take any of the following actions:

  • Causing the non-consensual sexual penetration of another by any means
  • Causing the penetration of the mouth of another with a sexual organ without consent
  • Causing the sexual organ of one person to penetrate another person, whether that person is the actor or a third party
  • Causing contact or penetration between sexual organs and other orifices of children
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What is the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault?

Various circumstances can make a sexual assault non-consensual. For instance, if a person uses force, intimidation, or violence to carry out the act, the law presumes that act to be non-consensual. If individuals are unconscious, physically unable to resist, or unaware that the acts are occurring, then the actions are not consensual. A sexual assault also is non-consensual if the accused persons are in specific positions of authority, such as clergymen, public servants, and mental health services providers.

Sexual assault can be a State jail, third, or second-degree felony depending on the circumstances that surround the commission of the crime. As a result, individuals convicted of sexual assault could serve anywhere from 180 days in jail to 20 years in prison and be ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.

On the other hand, Tex. Pen. Code § 22.021 defines aggravated sexual assault as occurring when individuals commit a sexual assault, along with:

  • Causing serious bodily injury or attempting to cause the death of the alleged victim or a third party
  • Placing the alleged victims in fear that they will be subject to various crimes or that they or a third party will suffer imminent death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping
  • Using or exhibiting a deadly weapon in the course of the crime
  • Acting in concert with another to commit the crime
  • Proving the alleged victims with substances meant to impair them
  • Committing the crime against alleged victims under the age of 14, elderly, or disabled

Aggravated sexual assault is a first-degree felony offense. In some cases, a conviction can result in a minimum term of imprisonment of 25 years, as well as a prison sentence of life or 99 years.

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