Coalition of Executives, Evangelicals, and Conservatives Push for Immigration Reform


As part of continued efforts to change the United States’ immigration laws, a group consisting of approximately 600 leaders from across 40 states came to Capitol Hill to discuss changing regulations. According to The New York Times, the group was made up of evangelical groups, conservatives, and business executives. Together they met with 150 Republican lawmakers to discuss pushing forward immigration legislation on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The event was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the National Immigration Forum,, and the Partnership for a new American Economy. Panel discussions, the results of a new study showing the economical benefits of immigration overhaul, and meetings with lawmakers all happened throughout the event.

Meetings and other activities during the event were done in response to continued delays concerning immigration reform in both the House and the Senate. While lawmakers, like Senator Marco Rubio, have argued that passing piecemeal immigration bills instead of one large bill would lead to problems, members of the coalition stated that progress concerning immigration reform has been held back due to the fear of lawmakers.

Together, the coalition hoped to spur officials to action regarding immigration reform. “It’s one thing to be with us,” said president of the Utah Manufacturers Association and coalition member Todd Bingham. “It’s another to lead out and actually create dialogue and create discussion and tell leadership in the House that we’re not interested in waiting two years — we need to address this now.”

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