How Difficult is it to Pass the US Citizenship Test?


The U.S. Citizenship test is a key part of the application process for naturalization but how easy is it? Some immigrants find it a struggle to pass.

A recent BBC article highlighted some of the difficulties in passing the citizenship test.

Most entrants pass the US Citizenship test

The article highlighted some of the tougher parts of the test which could include questions about American history that people from other countries are unfamiliar with such as the Louisiana Purchase or the Mexican-American War of 1846.

Despite, the obstacles more people pass the test than fail it. Here are some of the statistics.

The U.S Citizenship Test At a Glance

10 questions are asked out of a possible 100

Those taking the test can get no more than four wrong

The pass rate is 91.6 percent (as of May 2016)

More than five million tests were taken from late 2009 to May 2016.

The test is given at the same time as the naturalization interview, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) states.

Applicants take an English and civics test unless they qualify for an exemption or a waiver. Generally, these may be obtained in the case of factors such as disability.

Candidates are given two opportunities to take the English and civics tests. If you fail any of the tests at your initial interview, you will be retested on the part of the test that you failed 60 to 90 days from the date of your initial interview.

Notwithstanding the exemptions, most candidates for naturalization must take the U.S. Citizenship test so it makes sense to study. Fortunately, USCIS provides flash cards and other study materials that you can access via this link.

There are a number of routes to citizenship which our attorneys can explain. The United States has a long and proud history of welcoming immigrants from every country in the world. Over the last decade alone USCIS successfully processed the applications of more than 6.6 million naturalized citizens. In the fiscal year 2015, 729,995 people were naturalized.

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At Peek Law Group , we help applicants for naturalization along every step of the process. We can’t take the U.S. Citizenship for you but we can give you advice and help you if you believe you may have a legitimate reason to qualify for an exemption.

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