Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans


The Biden administration announced Temporary Protective Status (“TPS”) to anyone from Venezuela who is physically residing in the United States since March 8. So, what does that mean? It means that nationals from Venezuela who have been here in the last week or so are eligible for protected status.

What is protected status?

To best explain what protected status is, we should first start with what it is not. Temporary protected status is not a green card, residential status, or citizenship. This temporary order protects undocumented persons under the provision from being deported for a limited time, and steps to citizenship or extended visas are viable options during this time of protection.

Why do we have this?

It’s a pretty universally accepted truth that the U.S. offers more opportunity and provisions than some other countries, particularly those affected by natural disasters, famine, political unrest, war, and a host of other issues that negatively affect the standard of living and safety of the people living there. The Maduro administration and remnants of the Chavez administration have a lingering and detrimental effect on Venezuela’s people, including extreme poverty and lack of basic necessities.

We could go on endlessly about the events that lead to the state Venezuela is in, but the fact that Venezuelan nationals in the U.S. are now eligible for protected status is what is really of great importance here.

How does this change things for Venezuelans in the U.S?

Prior to the announcement of this protected status, undocumented Venezuelan nationals in the U.S. were unable to seek work permits and provide for their families, not to mention the added and unrelenting stress and fear of deportation. This temporary order of protection is extended through September 22, 2022, and gives the Venezuelan community here plenty of time to seek appropriate job permits and take their first step on their pathway to citizenship.

This is tremendous and exciting news for the Venezuelan community, and it’s news worth sharing. If you or anyone you know is eligible for this temporary protected status, please reach out to us at Peek Law Group. We’d be happy to look into your legal standing here and advise you on the best practice moving forward.

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