Five Reasons Why You May Need a Texas Citizenship Attorney


Many green card holders don’t always appreciate the benefits of citizenship or pursue applications. However, there are many reasons to pursue naturalization and numerous reasons to hire a Texas citizenship attorney.

At Peek Law Group , a Texas citizenship attorney can take over the whole complex and bureaucratic process for you and help you embark on a secure life in a new land.

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You should be aware that residency does not afford you the full range of protections for remaining in the United States that citizenship does.

If you become a citizen you can hold a U.S. passport and you can vote. You have protection from possible deportation if you commit a crime. You can apply for federal jobs, federal benefits and secure citizenship for your children.

Reasons to Hire a Texas Citizenship Attorney

1 The Lawyer May Identify Potential Problems

After receiving a permanent residency card, the green card can be revoked for many actual or perceived criminal or immigration violations. You may not be informed that your green card is in jeopardy. Often residents don’t realize they face potential deportation until they submit fingerprints for a replacement card, seek removal of conditions or citizenship. Hiring a lawyer at an early stage for a citizenship application can alert you to potential problems or even head them off. You must have lived in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for at least five years before you apply for citizenship.

2 The Application is Less Likely to be Delayed or Rejected

Many applicants for citizenship complain about the time it takes. It’s not a straightforward or a quick process. If there are gaps in your application or inconsistencies, it may be rejected leaving you facing more delays and frustrations. Hiring an experienced Texas citizenship lawyer can significantly reduce the possibility or error and delay. A lawyer can find potential pitfalls and avoid your application being rejected.

3 Attorneys Represent their Clients at Hearings

An Immigration lawyer will often speak for his or her client and present the facts during legal hearing. The attorney can’t take the citizenship’s civics test for a client or represent the immigrant at the interview, but the lawyer can help a client prepare for a hearing and give instructions on how to answer questions.

4 Lawyers Can Help With the Language Barrier

Many immigrants face numerous difficulties when they arrive in the United States due to the language barrier. Usually, by the time they apply for citizenship their English skills will have improved. However, this is not always the case,

Attorneys can provide important referrals and guide their clients to learning centers where they are taught the language and history of the United States. An attorney can provide resources to help a client tackle the English test in the citizenship application. Immigrants find these resources invaluable. At Peek Law Group , attorney Jeff Peek is fluent in Spanish and routinely helps immigrants with little or no knowledge of English.

5 Attorneys Can Appeal Denied Applications

You should not give up if your application has been denied. A Texas citizenship attorney will look over everything and identify errors or possibly find mistakes made by the immigration authorities.

After the denial of an application, an immigrant may want to file a motion for reconsideration, also known as an appeal. The immigrant’s lawyer will file all of the necessary paperwork. In some cases an attorney can halt a deportation during the appeal process. If your application is rejected, please do not lose hope. Decisions can often be unfair and arbitrary. By hiring a lawyer for your appeal, we can ensure no stone is left unturned.

There are many other ways an attorney can help you with your citizenship application. See our resources on Texas citizenship applications or call us at  (512) 399-2311.

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