Consequences of Using Fake ID or Social Security Number


Remember the days of passing off fake IDs to get into a bar or buy alcohol before turning 21 years old? Now, there’s even more potential for authentic-looking fake IDs with the prevalence of Photoshop and access to professional printing tools. For some, using a fake is a rite of passage; however, using a fake ID is not the most brilliant move, even if the name on it isn’t McLovin.

There may be an entire market for fake IDs or someone else’s, but let’s take a look at why doing so has its severe consequences.

 Using a Fake ID Can Mean Real Trouble

We’ve all made poor decisions, and the temptation of gaining early access to a bar or club by use of a fake ID can be enticing; but what if I told you doing so can put you at risk for incurring fines, probation, and even jail time in some circumstances? Still feel like you can’t wait to turn 21 before heading to the club?

Just having a fake ID or the ID of someone else in your possession sounds harmless. “I wasn’t going to do anything with it.” That sounds like a great defense strategy, right? Unfortunately not. The simple act of carrying the ID of another person can put you at risk for incurring a misdemeanor charge. Further, if authorities catch you using the fake or incorrect ID, congratulations, you’ve just committed fraud and are now eligible for felony charges. In short, think long and hard before paying for that fake or snagging your older cousin’s ID.

 What If It’s for Work and Not Play?

In our years of defending clients from all sorts of alleged crimes, we’ve seen it time and again that folks hoping to work hard and provide for their family through the use of someone else’s social security card or a made-up number are just as eligible for a felony charge as the college kid down the street hoping to score some beer with a fake ID, if not more likely to be charged. Not to mention, getting caught committing fraud (and that is absolutely what it is) can put your future in the U.S. in jeopardy if you’re not here legally or haven’t completed the path to citizenship.

There’s not much legal analysis or wiggle room to explain in the case of using fake or incorrect IDs. It’s really a matter of just don’t do it. If you can avoid using a fake or incorrect ID, please do so at all costs because the stakes are high. 

If you happen to find yourself caught in this particular circumstance or know someone who has, please reach out to us at Peek Law Group, as we have decades of experience defending clients in these circumstances. Good counsel can make all the difference in staying out of jail.

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